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RESERVE YOUR ACT NOW-By Email, Phone or On Line!

Booking with us is easy.  We will take the time to talk with you, find out what you want, and determine which acts fit your situation best.  We believe in giving exemplary customer service.

Simply call (251) 621-0234  or email us (  Tell us what kind of event, where, when, how many guests, what kind of entertainment you desire, a rough idea of budget, and as much other info you can.  We’ll respond immediately.   We normally answer phones between 8 am  and 8 pm, but if you leave a message, an agent will contact you within a few minutes to give you personal attention with no obligation or hassle.  When we agree on the best act for your event, we can email a contract that day and get your act locked in for your special event date. But, sometimes, you don't need to talk to us to decide. You've attended enough parties, know exactly what you want, or you recognize an act on our site, and     you are ready to reserve it for your date.  In that case, you may use our feature called:

"Book It Now"   If you are ready to reserve an act for your date, Fill Out Form Below


2 Fill out form-all fields and click on Submit. You will be automatically directed to the PayPal page upon successful submission of this form.

3 If you are not automatically directed to PayPal, return to this page and Click on Pay Now  to send your offer fee

A contract must be issued and signed by the Buyer and the Act representative and a retainer paid in order to have a legal agreement.  You are making an offer to an Act, and by starting the process, it lets the Act and the Agency know that you are serious about reserving that Act for your function.  If you are ready to reserve an act now, please continue.                                                                                 

You are also welcome at any time to call us for personal attention and great customer service.  (251) 621-0234

 "I understand that I will be making an offer to a selected Act, for my event date, and for a specific sum of money.  My offer will be based on the prices listed on this website, plus any travel fees listed, if any.

To ask the Agency to take this offer to the Act and to confirm that I am of legal age, and have the financial means to buy an Act, I will use the "Pay Now" PayPal button on this page to forward earnest money to the Agency, to begin the booking process.  A $250 offer fee will be paid and the Act will be given 72 hours to accept or decline my offer.

If the Act accepts my offer, then a standard form contract will be issued by the Agency for my final approval.  Acts require a minimum 25% retainer to hold dates, so, upon acceptance of my offer, the difference of the offer fee and the 25% retainer will also be processed on my credit/debit card, and my offer fee then becomes part of the total retainer.   However, if, for any reason, the Act does/will/can NOT accept my offer within 72 hours, my $250 offer fee will be applied to any other Act that I book through Grand Band Entertainment Agency, or refunded, at my option.  If the Act accepts my offer, and I then decline to book the act, then my offer fee will applied in full to any other Act I book through Grand Band Entertainment, or refunded to me, minus a $50 processing fee.

By continuing, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this on-line reservation process, and that I understand that no Act is truly committed to a date until the act leader and I both sign a standard form contract and a retainer is processed."

Reminders: Use the catalog price as basis for the act you want, and note any special requirements an act may request.  Most bands carry sound systems adequate for 300 guests.    For larger parties, add 10% for contractor sound/lighting.  Prices on catalogs are for non-holiday dates in act's local area.    Typically, travel fees are 10% of the act's fee for every hour of travel away from home base.    Sunday through Thursday, most acts will accept 10-20% less than a weekend date.

Once the booking process is started, time is critical.  We will ask the act to "hold" a date for 7 days while we email or mail a contract.  If a full retainer has not been processed, the act is not legally committed yet.  Once we contact you to sign the contract or pay the balance of the retainer, this is a time sensitive period.  If another buyer makes the same or higher offer and completes the paperwork sooner, you will lose your requested act for your event date and have to move to your second or third choice act.